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Gentleman's Wardrobe

The longetivity of tweed is the stuff of legend, and clothing lore abounds with tales of tweed garments handed down the generations, and yet it is subject to abrasion and over the time will fray at the elbow. In consequence of this one weakness, the appropriate as it is tradition, yet to incorporate patches when is required, as with a new garment, is a design conceipt that must be frowned upon.

Tweeds are no longer the hairy brown monsters they once were. Nowdays they come in a broad range of subtle mixtures, of lovely lovats, flattering soft blues and greens and there are lighter weaves.

The mix and match rules of casual separates are as obvious as they are simple to remember and the results will be rewarding. Wear a dark jacket with light trousers, and reverse. Trousers in solid colours go best with a patterned jacket. Think of matching tones rather than matching colours. Grey flannel trousers can be worn with most patterned jackets, beige chinos go well with all sportswear.............


The true Gentleman never goes out of style.
The gentleman has a firm sense of propriety. A person possessing a sense of propriety knows what is appropriate for every situation.
To be amiable is to be friendly. An amiable man is a good conversationalist who is interested in the people with whom he speaks. He is not self absorbed nor is he so self- conscious that he refrains from engaging with others.
The Gentleman is willing to sacrifice for others and though he does good deeds he does not insist on publicity. He is secure enough not to blow his own horn.
A Gentleman can admit he is wrong.
The Gentleman respects persons as persons; thus, the role of the Gentleman is open to all, and all persons will benefit from the presence of the Gentleman. We see the way a healthy conception of equality festers an expanded notion of the Gentleman and makes it an office that any young man can aspire to occupy.
A Gentleman has his eyes on all those present; he is tender toward the bashful, gentle toward the distant and merciful toward the absent.
"All my pictures are built around the idea of getting in trouble and so giving me the chance to be desperately serious in my attempt to appear asa normal little Gentleman" Charlie Chaplin.

How to be a Gentleman

A Gentleman is much appreciated and being gentlemanly is a noble thing.
Always be polite and courteous, show that you are a better man
Do not curse; do not swear it shows that you don't have the vocabulary to express your thoughts appropriately
Furthermore, it is always very crude and impolite to be vulgar
Do not speak loudly; it raises the stress level among company
Do not lose your temper, it shows you can't control your emotions
Do not stare
Do not interrupt
Do not spit
Do not chew chewing gum
Respect your elders
Do not laugh at others mistakes
Remove your hat indoors
Wait to be seated and seating before eating
Always open doors
Make eye contact when addressing someone
Give up your seat

How to dress like a lady

The term "Lady" carries a connotation of elegance and class
How to be a lady is not something that comes naturally to us, nor is anyone born with it
The key is to mix traditional ideals with modern reality.
It's better to be slightly overdressed than to be under dressed for events
Class is not something that can be bought.
Being a Lady, your world will be more than pleasant.

Rules of Etiquette

It does not cost you a dime to wear a smile
Accept compliments in an elegant way, thank them politely and smile
Learn to answer the phone politely, say hello and state your name
A Lady never swears or curses no matter how bad the situation is
Use the English language properly, forming words with clear accent, so anybody can understand you
Learn to walk gracefully, head up high, straight spine and graceful position of shoulders
Personal hygiene is a must. Starting with your fingernails and ending with your hair, your hygiene must be perfect
Keep your teeth clean and always wear long hair up at school.